Always look on the bright side (Warning: graphic photos)

Even in death, grass snake and slow-worm specimens are extremely useful to conservation efforts by providing us with genetic material, demographic and ecological information. If you come across any then please let us know and we will collect them. In this post we also discuss common causes of death, and what, if anything can be done to reduce mortality.

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Ready for the reptiles

Jersey's reptiles have emerged from hibernation, and so we have several months ahead of us to study and record their populations. Let us know if you see any! There will also be a talk about our work on Sunday 22nd March, 2:30 pm at St Andrews Church (First Tower, Jersey) for anyone wishing to attend. Hosted by Action for Wildlife.

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Think Grass Snake launches

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Welcome to our new website, dedicated to the conservation of Jersey's grass snakes. Our field researcher Rob has been surveying in Jersey tirelessly since March looking for these locally rare and wonderful creatures. There is a lot of work involved in setting up a study like this, but with only one man on the ground looking for snakes, there is no way the whole island can be studied. The "Think Grass Snake" campaign has been designed to find out what everyone else in the island has seen by getting them to call our snake Spotline with their sightings, or do what you have hopefully just done and recorded them on this website. By doing this, we can build a better picture of where these snakes are living, how many there might be, and what we can do to make sure a healthy population continues to live in the island.