Think Grass Snake


The grass snake is the rarest reptile in Jersey, and needs our help. The Think Grass Snake campaign is part of a research project designed to study the status and conservation of grass snakes and slow-worms in Jersey, and to raise awareness of these fascinating animals.

To do this we need to know where they are living, how many there are, and what might be causing them problems. You can help by sending us your records of any grass snake or slow-worm sightings by filling in the form below.

What was it? Not sure? These differences may help you: 

Size: (Adults); Slow-worms 35-40cm / Grass snakes 70-100cm

Colour and appearance: Slow-worms brown, copper, bronze, grey, smooth and shiny with a tubular body, bullet-shaped head, and they can blink / Grass snakes olive green, brown, with cream collar on neck (not always in adults), black bars on body

Behaviour: Slow-worms most like to be under warm objects on the ground or in compost heaps, and can drop their tails in defence /  Grass snakes may bask in the open, and often hunt in ponds

What was it?
What habitat was it in?
Were any of the following at the same location?
Estimate life stage?
Can we contact you?

If you have other biodiversity records to share other than grass snakes and slow-worms, please send them to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre:

Phone: 01534 633393

Email address:


Address: Societe Jersiaise, 7 Pier Road, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 4XW